ANYCALL Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car,Truck, Van and SUV (700/850/1700/1900MHz)

ANYCALL Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car,Truck, Van and SUV  (700/850/1700/1900MHz)

ANYCALL Vehicle Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car,Truck, Van and SUV (700/850/1700/1900MHz)

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Truckers, road travelers, and enthusiasts will appreciate the ANYCALL signal enhancer. It's now accessible at a reasonable price to make your travels simple and uncomplicated while maintaining excellent connection. It can provide enhanced cellular signal coverage for several cellular devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and hotspots, across the interior of a vehicle. No more dropped calls, unsent texts, disconnected navigation systems, or sluggish data rates, regardless of whether you're on a city freeway or a country road.


Supports Multiple Users

Multiple users and cellular devices can be supported by the booster at the same time.
It includes a clever AGC function that detects the level of available incoming signal and adjusts itself for optimal performance without the need for user adjustment.

Support All US Carriers

Works with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Straight Talk, Cricket Wireless etc on 700MHz(band 12/13/17), 850MHz(band 5), 1700MHz(band 4) and 1900MHz (band 2).

Better Voice and Data

Improves 2G, 3G, and 4G voice, text, and data speed signals in the vehicle (car, truck, van, SUV) to obtain fewer dropped and missed calls, better voice quality, and faster uploads and downloads regardless of whether you are in motion or stationary.

Easy to install Get your booster ready in three easy steps

The mobile phone booster and antenna have a fashionable look and are simple to install. you don't need an expert to do this job because you can do it yourself. Simply mount the outside super magnetic antenna on the roof of your car, stick the inside antenna near the center console, run the cords, and plug it in. The package also includes a perfectly detailed installation manual.



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